Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fresh Start

So this semester the Mic Sessions are working on original hip hop songs leading up to an end of the year performance. We are observing community and what it means to create, be a part of and the dynamics of unique communities, their impact and power. They are in the beginning phases of their first song. Here is a sample of an early verse from Tylique, a freshman at the school:

Astoria Queens yea we call it the hate town
my manz just got hit he done from the waist down
Its hard to live free cuz the bullets fly reckless
and if you get hit once you have to respect its hectic.
lil shorties out here is gettin pregnant
homies sell rocks better then they could write a sentence
they senseless 25 to life is their sentence
They gotta get hit up to come to their senses.
they could get out and not have a thing to regret.
bloods, crips they reppin their set